The Chippendiddys 1995

The Chippendiddys 1995
45min | Documentary | Video 1995


Imagine nine, peach-fuzzed young teasers in a milk and cookies spoof of the world’s most famous all male dance troupe! Aaron, Simon, Sid, Kyle and their pals will gyrate their way into your heart and make you chuckle aloud at their puppyish exuberance and camaraderie. Watch the guys at rehearsal and later on stage, as they reveal some of their most exotic costumes and dance routines to an enthusiastic audience of female bubblegummers. Then meet these charming pre-teen dreamboys up close and personal, as they discuss their lives and passions, and then get wild in a spirited game of shirts and skins soccer

User review:

If you think boy’s can’t dance…then you haven’t watched this documentary! In it you will find a troupe of very nice looking young boys that can dance….and even remove their clothes… all at the same time! They are something like the American dance troupe the Chippendale’s but the boy’s don’t remove ALL of their clothes…and they don’t get tips! Leave it to the Brits to come up with a idea like this…. But NOT here in America. I’m sure the boy’s and their producers would be thrown off the stage. Americans don’t like to see young boy’s in any kind of dance…too sissy-fied. Especially, one that depicts young men in any kind of sexual innuendo. American prudes have removed young men from TV commercials for wearing underwear…. they sure would go after this movie….boy’s dancing in skin tight shorts…. then taking off their shirts!! Wow..way to much for the American prude!! But I liked it and enjoyed it. One day…maybe the rest of America will to!

Director: Kevin McDermott
Stars: Kyle Donnelly, Simon Griffiths, Jordan Miles

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The Chippendiddys 1995 The Chippendiddys 1995

The Chippendiddys 1995 The Chippendiddys (1995)

The Chippendiddys 1995 The Chippendiddys 1995

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