Robby 1968

Robby 1968
1h | Adventure, Drama, Family | 1968 (USA)


Two young boys shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island. A modern Robinson Crusoe legend of friendship and survival. Boys and nature untouched, unspoiled and uninhibited.

User review:

Interesting remake of the classic Crusoe story. But now Robby is a little boy marooned on the beautiful desert island, and Friday is also a little boy. The story of their survival you know already, what is interesting is the casting of the two boys as the main characters.

A film to warm you on a cold winter’s evening. As the boys gamble on the tropic beaches and play in the lush jungle, the viewer gets a sense of a tropic paradise.

Interesting too is that the director’s son, Warren Raum plays the boy Robinson. He’s a gorgeous blond chap with a deep mahogany tan. Ryp Siani plays the boy Friday as a native castaway, not the English Friday of the novel. Where have these two boys got to? They have been rescued and have simply disappeared.

Director: Ralph C. Bluemke
Writer: Ralph C. Bluemke
Stars: John Garces, Rita Elliot, Warren Raum

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Robby 1968 Robby 1968

Robby 1968 Robby 1968

Robby 1968 Robby 1968

Robby 1968 Robby 1968

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