Prilis mlada noc 2012

Prilis mlada noc 2012
Prílis mladá noc (original title)
1h 5min | Drama | 22 March 2012 (Czech Republic)


On New Years Day, two innocent 12-year-old boys in a small town buys vodka for a young female teacher, Katerina’s (Natálie Rehorová) and two other men (David (Martin Pechlát), her boyfriend, and his friend Stepanand (Jirí Cerný). They are invited to the house. Here they experience their first encounter with sexuality. The children lose track of time. They were expected home long ago. They drink, throw up and are intoxicated by love and “the shameless, unbridled and licentious” world in which David, Katerina and Stepán live.

User review:

A very strange movie that is very hard to describe. It involves children and a very strange night with weird things (not unnatural) happening. It is a drama, but it does have a lot of tension filled moments in it too. Almost like a thriller (it is anything but), the movie has some very stellar performances.

The intriguing part for me, is that I couldn’t put my finger on it and say what made me like this. One thing is for sure, the short running time does help a lot. You wouldn’t want this to drag along for a long time. Human interactions are very sensible and may be the strong point of the movie too. Difficult to recommend, you may want to read the synopsis first, especially if you’re not into watching any movie like I am.

Director: Olmo Omerzu
Writers: Bruno Hájek (screenplay), Jakub Felcman (screenplay)
Stars: Martin Pechlát, Jirí Cerný, Natálie Rehorová

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Prilis mlada noc 2012 Prilis mlada noc 2012

Prilis mlada noc 2012 Prilis mlada noc 2012

Prilis mlada noc 2012 Prilis mlada noc 2012

Prilis mlada noc 2012 Prilis mlada noc 2012

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