Pretty Boy 1993

Pretty Boy 1993
Smukke dreng (original title)
1h 26min | Drama | 26 March 1993 (Denmark)

User review:

This presumably realistic film deals with daily life of minor boys providing sexual services for men on the streets and in their apartments, and often stealing from them or plundering them as well. The protagonist, 13-years-old Nick (splendidly performed by then 15-years- old Christian Tafdrup) is one of the youngest, and tries not to get so deeply involved as the others; he is more looking for a firm place to stay and a father figure, which he temporarily does, but as those men have their own private issues, the outcome is not positive. Life on the streets is rough, and most of boys have no homely back-up, thus felonies are easy to arise… As for the ending, I would have preferred more sophisticated one.

Well, there are some pleasant moments, but Smukke Dreng is generally a sad story of choices somebody – or destiny – makes for you, when only youthful looks is the thing you are appreciated for… Could be a kind of a warning film, but I am not sure many parents would like their young children to see this.

Director: Carsten Sønder
Writer: Carsten Sønder
Stars: Christian Tafdrup, Dicte, Rami Nathan Sverdlin

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Pretty Boy 1993 Pretty Boy 1993

Pretty Boy 1993 Pretty Boy 1993

Pretty Boy 1993 Pretty Boy 1993

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