Clownhouse 1989

Clownhouse 1989
1h 21min | Horror | 21 April 1990 (Japan)


Just before Halloween, three kid brothers who are alone in a big house are menaced by three escaped mental patients who have murdered some traveling circus clowns and taken their identities.

User review:

Childhood fears belong to anyone who has grown up frightened by shapes, shadows or stories. Most of us have outgrown those fears. In our adult lives, we have discovered that reality of life is so much more terrifying. However, despite our courage and our rational explanations for the myths, monsters and things that go Bump in the night, there always remains that tiny voice which give credence to our doubts. But then our own powers kick in with the knowledge that ‘only the fearful can know the true value of courage.’ That is so true in this film called ” Clownhouse. ” Three boys, indeed brothers, Randy (Sammy Rockwell), Geoffrey (Brian McHugh) and Casey Collins (Nathan Winters)are growing up with the usual baggage accrued when raised together. When they become aware of their all too real peril, must put away their squabbling, bickering and petty animosities to deal with actual fears. Three violent, mentally deranged escape inmates from a Mental Insane asylum escape, murder some clowns, assume their identities. When the boys are left alone by their parents, they encounter these murderous fiends and realize they are like black phantoms out to kill them. Despite Randy’s superficial bravado and Geoffery’s convincing mental prowess, the audience soon realizes, it’s Casey who has the greatest fear of all, due to his adolescent fear of Clowns. Famed for his other slasher films of the past, writer/director, Victor Salva establishes groundbreaking techniques with this offering. With a haunting theme work by Michael Becker, this movie holds itself together with suspense and drama. The three young actors do a fine job in their own right. So much so, it’s safe to predict this film will become a Classic. ****

Director: Victor Salva
Writer: Victor Salva
Stars: Nathan Forrest Winters, Brian McHugh, Sam Rockwell

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Clownhouse 1989 Clownhouse 1989

Clownhouse 1989 Clownhouse 1989

Clownhouse 1989 Clownhouse 1989

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